Here we are...

...a group of Baby Boomers of sundry religious,
political and cultural orientations, who have been
meeting at the Voorheesville Public Library since 1991
to read and discuss each other's poems.

We include old fathers and young grandmothers,
artists and musicians, and run-of-the-mill eccentrics.
Writers are welcome to stop in and stay if they like us.

Some of Us

Some of Us
Dennis Sullivan, Beverly Osborne, Tom Corrado, Edie Abrams, Art Willis, Alan Casline (all seated); Paul Amidon, Mike Burke, Tim Verhaegen, Mark O'Brien, Barbara Vink, Philomena Moriarty

Friday, February 1, 2008

Things That Cannot Be Repaired

by Beverly Osborne

This sweater was my father's
its swiftly disappearing shape
belonged to him.

Cuff to shoulder, seam by seam
it has beome formless, shadowy
as if it has forgotten its purpose

I keep it less for warmth than comfort
there is urgency in its rescue.

I can't bring back the sound or smell or touch of him
but this old wool does much on a bitter day
to soothe my scattered soul.

Perhaps I need to accept there is no mending
nor really any need.
I cannot bring a piece of cloth to whole
and some things can't be lost.

Some things will stay with me long after
the last piece of yarn has quietly unraveled.

January 08

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